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Below you find some of the projects I have worked on in my free time. More is to come soon.

Panda screenshot


Desktop search engine

When: July 2013

LoC: 3,000

Contribution: indexing, querying, ranking of results and snippet generation

Tech: Java, Apache Tika

Description: Panda indexes your documents and let's you search through them quickly. Panda was created as a group project for a text indexing lecture. It's become quite utile and I use it regularly to search through lecture slides and other university material.

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Simple Fractal screenshot

Simple Fractal

Fractal generator

When: December 2007

LoC: 2,200

Contribution: Sole Developer

Tech: C++, Windows API

Description: Simple Fractal is a fractal generation and visualization software. It allows rendering of the Mandelbrot set as well as Julia sets with user specified function terms as well as some visual gimmicks. The software was originally implemented supplementary for a school project.


Chess screenshot


When: July 2007

LoC: 1,800

Contribution: Sole Developer

Tech: C++, Windows API

Description: A simple chess game. It comprises a chess engine as well as a lightweight user interface. The engine uses well-known techniques such as alpha-beta-pruning, quiescence-search, hash tables, etc. and is about as strong as a good amateur.


Marble Insanity screenshot

Marble Insanity

3D Platform Game

When: October 2006

LoC: 2,500

Contribution: Sole Developer

Tech: C++, TriBase Engine (DirectX 9)

Description: A 3D platformer inspired by the 1984 arcade game Marble Madness by Atari. The player tries to maneuver a ball through a course filled with obstacles. The game features a rigid body dynamics engine (collision detection and response, friction, air resistance) written from scratch as well as a level editor.